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Hey new friend!

Hello and Welcome Sassy Sweethearts!! This is the place to give your body a sweet treat. All skin types are welcome. I first discovered that I had a passion for making skin and beauty products when I started experimenting with making lip gloss. Of course, it was not as easy as it seemed but once I figured out my strategy, I was able to master this and start making other products. This led me to make my Sassy Sugar Scrub and Sassy Body Butter. I am extremely proud of these products because they help people with dry skin and some skin disorders an example of this is eczema. I have had several customers use my products and they did not irritate their skin. I research all oil that I put into my products to ensure that they offer benefit to our skin. I am a veteran who has served our country and now want to serve you. Thanks for visiting and remember shop Sassy Sweets Cosmetics. Have a great day.

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